Here’s a little about me

My name is Neysha M Reyes Cruz. I’m originally from Puerto Rico and moved to Kansas City in 2016.

I’m a certified birth doula. I am passionate about serving people in different ways. My journey as a mom of two has led me to educate and nurture other new mommas in my Hispanic and non-Hispanic communities.

I have a bachelor’s in Social Anthropology, which allows me to understand and study the communities I serve as a doula.

I had two very complicated pregnancies and went through the unknown that many women experience as first-time parents. I delivered my first baby in a hospital and had many traumatic health issues and experiences.

I also experienced postpartum depression following this delivery which led me to find awesome local resources to address this issue.

For my second baby, I had a home birth surrounded by people I love. It was simple and empowering; with no interventions, I was in complete control and could remember everything I had gone through since the contractions started. I was determined not to have the same birth experience.

My midwife at Puerto Rico, Yarilís García Ramos, who owns Parto En Casa Puerto Rico, guided my partner and myself through everything. We felt capable of accomplishing our goal because she showed confidence, we shared the same faith and our goal was one; to bring forth our son.

When I felt weak or doubted my capacity to give birth to my child, my midwife, spouse, and mom reminded me I was made to do it. To not give up. To trust the process and surrender to it. To not hold on to fear but rather believe in my capacity and trust on my support people in that moment.

I got a taste of both environments, hospital and home birth. It stirred up a passion for educating mothers on advocating for themselves, knowing their rights, making informed decisions, and owning their birthing process.

I love to nurture women, especially if there’s a lack of support. I feel joy and contentment through my service to the mom and family.

Through networking in KC, I’m also connected to many resources and organizations that help mothers through the prenatal and postpartum phase with self-care, anxiety, depression, and more, by educating them, giving counseling, or spreading awareness so they can better recognize where they’re at in their process and find the help they need.

Currently I serve private clients that are English and Spanish speakers. I also volunteer and teach at Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center. I’m subcontract by Nurture KC Non-profit through their Healthy Start Program as their hispanic doula with all services included and with Samuel U Rodgers Clinics for the same purposes.

I am an advocate for these moms through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Together, we are creating community that feels like a little village in KC.

Always grateful and honored to serve the mothers and families,

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14