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Coming Events

Childbirth Classes

We offer childbirth classes in Spanish for 2 days total (weekend) along with some local non-profit programs which I serve. You can be a part of the program or be a private client wanting to take an in-person class with your support person. (No childcare provided). We provide snacks and a lunch. For more information related to our next class, check for updates in my social media accounts, or email me at:

Topics we offer:

  • Mechanics of birth
  • Stages of birth
  • Comfort Measures
  • Birthing Positions and pregnancy exercises
  • Hospital Interventions
  • Breastfeeding
  • Breastpumping
  • Postpartum Care (body and mental health)
  • And more

Olas de Amor KC, LLC Bilingual Doula School

We are launching our very first bilingual doula school. This one will meet from April 6th until May 11th. You can join virtually or in person if you are in Kansas City. Will include the opportunity of an internship to complete certification for those attending in person, as well as CPR and HIPPA certification, and direct mentorship.

For more information:

Second Track coming soon! Inquire through text or email to give you updates.

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