“Neysha made sure I knew I had options. That it was ok to ask questions…she constantly asked me if I understood what the medical staff was requesting, and many times I did not. This prompted me to research or make further questions. Without this, I would have allowed them to do with me and my birthing experience as they wished. I’m thankful to have had her and the knowledge she brings during my first birthing and postpartum experience. Honestly I did not know what a doula did, but Neysha surpassed my expectations. This was my first birthing experience and I could have not imagined what my experience would have been without her there. I am grateful for her service and to have shared this experience with her”

-Paloma Espinoza (April 2023)

“She comfort me with words of affirmations. Provided massage, and different techniques to help me to go through birth.Everything she did was great!”

-Erika Perez (May 2023)

“We could have not asked for a better doula to help us deliver our second child. Neysha Reyes’ contribution was priceless. From day one, Neysha informed us of every step of the process. She met with us in person to go over the desired birth plan and provided us with detailed and educated information so that we could make informed decisions. She was caring, personal, honest, and empathetic. The way she approached us and the entire demeanor made us feel heard, understood. We never felt pressure on doing anything and we had full control of the delivery. In addition to that, she provided helpful resources… At the hospital she was able to advocate for us and made sure that our desired birth plan was followed as planned. Lastly, this second birth was a totally different experience that will forever cherish. At it was all thanks to Neysha.”

-Duany Goyes (May 2023)